Saturday, April 24, 2010

ok I'm taking the plunge

I've heard of and talked about elimination diets before but never wanted to go through the work or the hassle. However, now I'm tired of the chronic heartburn and morning congestion. I've been gluten free, dairy free, and egg free for months.

I'm inspired by my friend Sybil's journey down this path. She has been blogging her journey so I thought I would do the same. As I prepare for this I'm spending a lot of time reading this

Friday, August 21, 2009

Laying in bed unable to sleep...

thought I'd get up and write out the things that have been running around in my head for sometime. I had a subject (TMI and?) and rough draft but can't remember it now.

Then when the internet loads my email comes up automatically and I get a most disheartening email. I can't even begin to process. I am so sad I just don't quite know what to make of it. Hopefully I"ll be better able to process it all tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My soul is unsettled

I haven't been comfortable with either presidential candidate for any of the election process. There was always some unknown something about each one of them that caused a check in my spirit.

I stopped voting straight party one issue some time ago. It's such a responsibility to vote especially as a Christian.

On the one hand you have your spiritual beliefs and on the other your personal values and convictions.

I am not pro-choice but I also believe that G*d made us creatures of free will. He created people because He wanted the give and take that isn't inherit in angelic beings.

I belief protecting the environment is part of my responsibility as a Christian to be a good steward of the Earth. But I also realize that no matter what happens G*d is in control.

I pray for our country, our leaders, our military, and our children. Especially our children who will inherit this country from us and I pray that it's still a G*d fearing country when that happens.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Defining Self: Nature vs. Nurture

As I lay in bed last night I was thinking about some writing assignments I had for my MOPS newsletter. Trying to decide how I wanted to write them. For this angle or that. I was once again reminded of a description a former boss used to describe me (he was being nice). He quoted Winston Churchill's description of Russa. "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

I've often thought he hit the nail on the head with that description. I was raised in the deep south. Spent 19 years growing up in a chauvinistic state, with a racist, chauvinist dad, and two sisters. I was the youngest and the fighter. Willing to take on anyone and always ready to fight for the underdog.

I hear alot of arguments about nature vs. nurture. I'm not a sociologist so this is only my personal opinion but I have to say in my case at least nurture was the predominant factor. My friends growing up played a bigger role in my life than myparents.

We moved to a small one red light town while I was in first grade. It was the sort of Texas town that you were an outsider in IF your grandparents hadn't been born & died there. Fortunately it was not full of racists. In fact, the only real friend I had the first four years we lived there was African American. The white kids wouldn't play with me because I was new.

I remember the first real fight I had with my mom was because I wanted to invite my only friend from school to the birthdayparty she decided I could have and she wouldn't allow it. Instead she invited some snotty little girls from my brownie troop because my dad wouldn't have a problem with them (they were white, my friend was not).

All these years later as a genetic and adoptive parent I still wonder about the nature vs. nurture argument. My children are opposite genders and 2 months apart in age. I wonder how much of my adopted child's personality is because of nature and how much of it is shaped by nurture. I think I'll likely only have my answer after my children are grown.

After all, I'm 41 years old and still a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma myself. I'm a southern gal who is a self professed Yankee (used to drive my dad ape crazy to hear me proudly proclaim that) and I use a lot of Yiddish when I talk.

Oh the contrasts.